What Blender Can Do

My last post was about the introduction to Blender, and now I will say what it can really do. First, the highlight of it all is that you can actually go in and edit where the lights are coming from, and you can also have a camera that will show where the lights are, and you can even make it look like it was night! You can have effects for water and physics, so you can have water flowing and stuff.

How I made my Gingerbread man is first I deleted have the block I was working on, then I turn on the mirror, so it comes back, but then that way I don't have a fat body. Next, I add the arms on one side, then the mirror makes the other arm. Then, I make the legs. After that I make the head. All the time I was using blocks, but now I just change some special settings that make it so he is all smooth and round. Soon I will add the eyes, mouth etc. You can get Blender here. If you want the Gingerbread man that I did, click here for the download.