Bluetooth is A free wireless network that is included in most computer and phones. Bluetooth is named after King Harald I of Denmark. His last name is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is for short ranged pairing, or connecting. it is mostly used for hardware such as wireless keyboards and earphones, but it can also be used to transfer photos or other media. It usally reaches up to about 13 feet, so it is very short ranged. Here is the logo:The Bluetooth logo is a bind rune merging with Haralds initials. Bluetooth does not require network or Wi-Fi of any kind. It is in many products, such as Ipod touch and Nintendo Wii. You cannot mistake it for Wi-Fi, because it cannot browse the internet. But some devices will allow using internet connection off the device it is connected to. When you pair a device, it asks for the PIN code. The PIN code will be your area code. It will then pair. You can also use it to browse other device or computers wirelessly.