Kindle Software

Most people have gotten a Kindle, or in the very

least, most people have gotten the Kindle app in the appstore or Google Play. Amazon has some eReaders called Kindles that are meant mostly for reading. Just so you can the idea, I will list the different Kindles that Amazon sells:


This is just the usual Kindle an costs $79.99 on Amazon. It has a five-way controller at the very bottom, and turn page buttons at the edges. The five-way controller is just five buttons with small arrows on them for selecting the book you want to read.

                                                                     Kindle Keyboard

This one has a keyboard on it, which is much easer than using the five-way controller to click each button. It also includes small speakers on the back for playing MP3 files.

                                                                  Kindle Touch 

As the name suggests, this kindle has a touchscreen and the only button is the Home button. It also is easer for typing and things like that.

                                                                    Kindle Paperwhite 

This kindle is the same as the Kindle Touch, except it has some upgrades. The most obvious is the light. Most kindles have a no glare thing, so it is easer to use nightlights with. But the Kindle Paperwhite has a light built-in! It is not like the iPad type of light, Because the iPad has the light come out behind the screen, where the Kindle has it right in front of the screen in the casing. Also, this Kindle tells you when you will be done with the current chapter by taking your average reading speed (How fast you turn the page), and calculates when you will be done with the chapter.

                                                                      Kindle Fire 

This cannot really be called a kindle, and it is more of an iPad.It has a web browser, and app store, you can watch Movies, and do much more. This also includes the Kindle Fire HD.