Android vs. IPhone

I recently got a new andriod from my uncle, and I liked a lot, so I decided to compare the iPhone to the andriod (iPhone 4s and andriod galaxy s3). Siri is a little useful (siri is a voice command program), and it can do a few jokes (like if you say "tell me a joke", it will tell you a joke), but I never really use it, and sometimes my little 1-year-old sister keeps calling people with the voice control. The andriod dosn't come with Siri, but I don't care very much. One thing that IOS dosn't come with is Swype. Swype lets you slide your finger across the keyboard instead of tapping the keyboard. Somehow, it auto corrects your words as you type (in fact, I am creating this blog post with it), and makes typing much faster. I looked it up, and I found out they don't support it on IOS. Also there are live backgrounds on andriod (basically, backgrounds that move), which they don't have on IOS. There has been a big conflict between Apple and Google, such as in the new IOS6, they took away Youtube, and the new iPod has live backgrounds.