My Blender Island

I am making a huge blender island, and soon it will be done. In Blender, there is a special terrain editor that you can use, but you have to enable it first. My island will soon have water and trees, but this is what I have so far:

My Island So Far

It is really cool because you can have random seeds for it, and I am hoping I can make it "inhabited" by people. It won't be too hard. In fact, it would be pretty cool if I could make a ship! If anyone has any awesome ideas I should do for the island, tell me. Oh, and one last thing, I completed the Gingerbread Man! Here is a picture:

"Gus", Doesn't He Look Good?

What Blender Can Do

My last post was about the introduction to Blender, and now I will say what it can really do. First, the highlight of it all is that you can actually go in and edit where the lights are coming from, and you can also have a camera that will show where the lights are, and you can even make it look like it was night! You can have effects for water and physics, so you can have water flowing and stuff.

How I made my Gingerbread man is first I deleted have the block I was working on, then I turn on the mirror, so it comes back, but then that way I don't have a fat body. Next, I add the arms on one side, then the mirror makes the other arm. Then, I make the legs. After that I make the head. All the time I was using blocks, but now I just change some special settings that make it so he is all smooth and round. Soon I will add the eyes, mouth etc. You can get Blender here. If you want the Gingerbread man that I did, click here for the download.

Blender Introduction

Blender is used for animating things such as you see in major cartoons, and it is really cool:

My Gingerbread Man

That was my second try, my first was horrible. But anyway, you can make big movies, or just nice pictures of a cartoon room or something. In that picture above, I used blocks with the grid below, then I used a mirror so that way I couldn't make mistakes if the sides weren't even. I am not yet done, because I have to color it and put eyes, etc. I will have another blog post explaining what it can do.

My Minecraft Server

I have been playing on my Minecraft server a lot recently, and we have been making a huge town. Here is a picture:


It only allows up to eight players, and I have ten player whitelisted, so I will be upgrading the server again. Usually, the RAM usage will be about %60 with three people on. It gets very laggy, and it is getting more laggy because it needs to load all the extra terrain when we go exploring, so that is another reason I am upgrading. The house on the left in the water near the jungle is mine (Which happens to be the biggest wood house :D). My brother's (Jonathan, Jehtradedollar) house is behind me, and the track goes to his castle. We have fought the wither on this map too, and it destroyed an entire hill!

Different Memory Units

There are many different units of memory (or RAM), and I will list them here, starting from the smallest:

Byte: A byte is the smallest of all the units of measuring. It is "hard" to get a file or folder that is only one byte, unless you have an empty text file in a folder, you may get one byte.

KB (Kilobyte): This is one thousand bytes, and is commonly found with short text files or low quality pictures.

MB (Megabyte): This is one thousand KBs, and is very common, and can be found in medium-quality and high-quality pictures, folders, files, and lots of other types.

GB (Gigabyte): This is one thousand MBs, and is just as common as MBs. It is very rare that you would find a text file with a GB worth of text, and it is common with games or programs.

TB (Terabyte): This is one thousand gigabytes, and I don't think there is any file or folder or program that takes up a TB. It is mostly used for hard drives in a computer.

Kindle Software

Most people have gotten a Kindle, or in the very

least, most people have gotten the Kindle app in the appstore or Google Play. Amazon has some eReaders called Kindles that are meant mostly for reading. Just so you can the idea, I will list the different Kindles that Amazon sells:


This is just the usual Kindle an costs $79.99 on Amazon. It has a five-way controller at the very bottom, and turn page buttons at the edges. The five-way controller is just five buttons with small arrows on them for selecting the book you want to read.

                                                                     Kindle Keyboard

This one has a keyboard on it, which is much easer than using the five-way controller to click each button. It also includes small speakers on the back for playing MP3 files.

                                                                  Kindle Touch 

As the name suggests, this kindle has a touchscreen and the only button is the Home button. It also is easer for typing and things like that.

                                                                    Kindle Paperwhite 

This kindle is the same as the Kindle Touch, except it has some upgrades. The most obvious is the light. Most kindles have a no glare thing, so it is easer to use nightlights with. But the Kindle Paperwhite has a light built-in! It is not like the iPad type of light, Because the iPad has the light come out behind the screen, where the Kindle has it right in front of the screen in the casing. Also, this Kindle tells you when you will be done with the current chapter by taking your average reading speed (How fast you turn the page), and calculates when you will be done with the chapter.

                                                                      Kindle Fire 

This cannot really be called a kindle, and it is more of an iPad.It has a web browser, and app store, you can watch Movies, and do much more. This also includes the Kindle Fire HD.

Android vs. IPhone

I recently got a new andriod from my uncle, and I liked a lot, so I decided to compare the iPhone to the andriod (iPhone 4s and andriod galaxy s3). Siri is a little useful (siri is a voice command program), and it can do a few jokes (like if you say "tell me a joke", it will tell you a joke), but I never really use it, and sometimes my little 1-year-old sister keeps calling people with the voice control. The andriod dosn't come with Siri, but I don't care very much. One thing that IOS dosn't come with is Swype. Swype lets you slide your finger across the keyboard instead of tapping the keyboard. Somehow, it auto corrects your words as you type (in fact, I am creating this blog post with it), and makes typing much faster. I looked it up, and I found out they don't support it on IOS. Also there are live backgrounds on andriod (basically, backgrounds that move), which they don't have on IOS. There has been a big conflict between Apple and Google, such as in the new IOS6, they took away Youtube, and the new iPod has live backgrounds.

IP Address

IP stands for "Internet Protocol". Each computer, Smartphone, phone, e.t.c (Even your wireless printer has one!), has an IP address. It is like a sign to your computer (Or, to be exact, a sign to your computer server). I have been recently trying to create a game server for Minecraft, and in order for other people to join, they need the IP address of the server (Which is, ironically, the same IP as your computer). To give you an example of what an IP looks like, here is mine: There is an option to change the IP of your computer, otherwise the router you connect to will pick an IP for you. To see your IP address, click here:

There are different types of IPs. There is Dynamic, and Static. A static IP address stays the same (unless you change it), and a Dynamic IP address changes every time you connect to the internet. Usually, for another computer to connect directly to your computer or server, it needs the IP adress.


Java is a programming language designed by James Gosling and the Sun Microsystems. It was developed by the Oracle Corp. Java is used for programs and games, and, unlike JavaScript, it is not used on or for the internet. It is very complicated and I advise using Ruby, at least for now. Here is the usual Hello World! program:

class HelloWorldApp {
 public static void main(String[] args) {
 System.out.println("Hello World!");
Which of course give Hello World!. but to do the same program in ruby:
puts "Hello World!"
But Java is much more advanced


Bluetooth is A free wireless network that is included in most computer and phones. Bluetooth is named after King Harald I of Denmark. His last name is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is for short ranged pairing, or connecting. it is mostly used for hardware such as wireless keyboards and earphones, but it can also be used to transfer photos or other media. It usally reaches up to about 13 feet, so it is very short ranged. Here is the logo:The Bluetooth logo is a bind rune merging with Haralds initials. Bluetooth does not require network or Wi-Fi of any kind. It is in many products, such as Ipod touch and Nintendo Wii. You cannot mistake it for Wi-Fi, because it cannot browse the internet. But some devices will allow using internet connection off the device it is connected to. When you pair a device, it asks for the PIN code. The PIN code will be your area code. It will then pair. You can also use it to browse other device or computers wirelessly.