Top 3 Fav. Minecraft Apps

There are many Minecraft apps in the app store and Google Play, so I decided to list my top 5 favourites. I will do what I did with my last post

Minecraft Pocket Edition: This is a version of Minecraft except it's only for IOS and Android, and it costs $7.00 USD. You don't have as near as much blocks as you do in the original Minecraft, but it still has multi-player support. So far, Mojang has not added global multi-player support, and you can only play or host (Only for full version of app) games on your LAN. Also, the worlds aren't unlimited, and the world has an end to it.

Minecraft Skin Creator: This app is only for IOS on the app store, and it costs $2.00 USD. It creates skins that you can upload to your Minecraft account. You can edit skins from a template, create a blank skin, edit one that someone else made, load one from your saves, or load one from URL. When you load a skin, you can choose to edit the head, body, arms, or legs. On the side of the screen there is a colour palette where you can choose your colour to use, and you can only draw in pixels. When your done, you can upload it to the their Minecraft skin site, share it Via email, or upload to your Minecraft account.

Minecraft Advent Calendar: This app is very fun, and made by the same person who made the Minecraft Skin Creator (SeeJayKay). Every day in advent, you get a new skin that you can apply to your account, or share it. Also, underneath the picture of the skin, it will show a tip about Minecraft. Like the first day the skin you could get was a Creeper with a Santa suit on. All the skins have something to do with Christmas. It costs $1.00 USD. You can only get it on IOS devices.