Laptops and Desktops

I have decided to add a comparison of Laptops and Desktop computers. Like the last three posts, I will not have the positives and negatives.

--Desktops: The one reason there are even any desktop computers is because they are really easy to configure. You can open the side panel of the computer and add PCI cards and stuff, and remove anything (dust, etc.) that might slow it down. Also you can add hard drives and stuff such as memory cards, which you can't do in the laptops. Also, that means you have more slots for USB and other things including an Ethernet cord. The main negative about it is that it is not very portable, because of two reasons. The first reason is that as soon as you unplug the computer, it shuts down. It isn't really much of a reason, but then you can't play it in car trips (Don't even try!). The second reason is that it is very heavy, and you need a bunch of cords such as the power cord, the keyboard cord, the mouse cord, etc. and it wouldn't fit in the van, and it's not worth the trouble of dragging it into Starbucks (Besides, the staff wouldn't allow it, and I think there should be a law against it).  

-- Laptops: Laptops are very portable, and in some ways faster. Now that's something you can play a game on in the car to wear away the hours! Of course, some of the older computers aren't wireless, and you might have to get one of those wireless USB sticks that when you plug it in to the computer it enables wireless mode, but they aren't very reliable, and the internet might be slow. Also, - unlike the desktop - when you unplug the power it doesn't shut down, because it stores the power from the power cord.