Android VS. IOS, Part Two

I decided to chop the post in two of them, one of them will be about Android, the first one, and the other will be about IOS, part two.

--IOS positives: The best thing about this is the feel. In the recent update to IOS 6.0, they re-designed the app store, and now it looks, - How do is say it – well, smooth! Everything is pretty smooth, which also means that it doesn't vibrate :( . Every time I play an app on the iPad, I miss that familiar buzz. Also, it has some application support, and you can get more apps you like on the IOS devices then on Android. Like there is a game called Spider HD that I love playing, but they don't have it for Android. Also, when you buy an IOS device, you can choose how much Gigabytes you want on your device (Except the iPod 5th gen, it only comes in 32 Gbs). Also, for those who own an iPhone 4S, Siri is popular! Siri is like a person, and can be funny. If you say “Tell me a joke”, it will tell you one. And it can be a cheat on math sometimes: “What is five times three?”, and it will say the answer. Also, the IOS has a feature so that when you flip the device it will turn the screen with it, and when you are watching a movie, and the iPad is on your lap, it could accidentally flip upside-down. Thankfully, there is a lock switch on the side of the iPad or iPhone that will lock the screen in the current position. Also, you can get an assortment of cases, covers, screen covers, and many other things that will be able to keep it from breaking, since all IOS devices has a delicate screen, unlike the Android, which can be good or bad, the way you see it. Well, let's move on the the IOS negatives.

--IOS negatives: Okay, the one thing I don't like is the file browsing. You can't see any of your files unless it is through an app, which you can buy through the app store. So you can't do any manual application work. Also, unlike the Android, it does not have a nice cover on the back, and will break if

you drop it. If you are carrying around an iPad, do it in a case of some kind. Also, I think that the IOS devices, besides the iPad, all have to small screens. The Android has a bigger screen than the iPod. Well, that is for an exception of the iPhone 5. Also, this isn't really a bad thing, but I think that Apple is getting a little “jealous” of the Androids. For example, Android has a moving background, called live backgrounds, and the new iPod has it now, and the iPhone 5 has a screen as big as the Android, so it looks as if Apple is trying to copy it.