Android VS. IOS, Part One

I was excited when I did my earlier post comparing Mac, Windows, and Linux, so I decided to do another post similar to that. I have an Android, and we have two iPads, an iPhone 4S, and an iPod. So, why not compare them to the Android? The layout will be the same, except much longer.

--Android positives: The Android has many positives, but the one thing that no other Phone has, is that it is really good for file browsing. As in the Windows software, there is no such thing as hidden files. There is an app for that, an you can browse your files at ease, and it even has a built-in MicroSD card. You can “accidentally” delete the system files, if your not careful. All your files will be there, too. Another thing I like about Android, is the vibrations. If you touch a link in an internet explorer, then it will buzz slightly. Even the keyboard vibrates every time you touch a key! That way, it is like a notifier if you accidentally click a link, or something. Also, the Android has GREAT keyboard support. It has three types of keyboard, the Samsung original keyboard, another keyboard (I forgot the name of it), and the best one, the Swype keyboard. You can just “Swype” your finger across the keyboard, and pause a little on the key you are trying to press. Then, it auto-corrects it and puts on the text field you are typing on. The last thing I want to talk about is the application support. It is really great. They have more apps then the IOS app store! Also, let's say you wanted to install Dropbox. You click the app after you search for it (or any other way of finding it), then it has the screen-shots at the top, the description on the bottom, then apps like it and other apps by the “Dropbox” (or is it Dropbox Inc.?). Below that are the reviews. Well, I have explained the positives of Android - phew – let's move on to the negatives.

--Android negatives: There are not too many negatives, but the worst is when you are playing a game. When you turn the Android sideways, the touch-buttons are on the left. When you try and play a game by touching a part on the screen, your palm might accidentally brush the home button. Also, if you own an IOS device and you have Fruit Ninja on it, and you have Fruit Ninja on your Android, the one on the IOS device will be updated first. That is because IOS is more popular than Android (though it is getting more and more popular). More people own an iPod than an Android, so it would only make sense to update the more popular one first. Of course, they don't do it on purpose, it's just that you have to code the Android app to, and that can take long. Of course, some of the more popular apps like Angry Birds wait until both versions have been coded, then they release the update. Also, for some reason there are no cases for Android. I guess that might be because the Android has a really nice plastic cover on the back of it, so if you drop it, as long as it lands on the back, it probably won't break. Just as long as you don't chuck it over the Empire State Building or anything, you should be fine. Another little negative is that every time you flip the Android on its side when you are on the home screen, it freezes, and every now and then, all the application buttons will disappear for a short time on the home screen. Also, every time you install an application, it pauses. The last thing is that it takes about five minutes to restart, so you don't want it to die on you. Let's move on to the IOS!

--Okay, to read on, go to part two of this post!