Mac, Windows, and Linux

My oldest brother recently got a MacBook, and we also ordered a Windows computer. I have a Linux computer, so we basically have all the types of software. Now, I've decided to compare them. First, I will talk about the positives, then the negatives of it. Okay, here we go!

Mac positives: First, the nicest thing about it is that it is FAST. It is really good for games. Also, the design is good. I would prefer this to any of the other types. 

Mac negatives: Well, there aren't many negatives, but the ONE think that I really don't like is the way that they have for file browsing. It is really annoying when you search for files, and you can't find any hidden files (at least I haven't found any way yet). This is not so good for manual application managing, because all of the program files are hidden. Also, it is really hard to search for items. If you were searching for a file named myruby.rb, then (if you were using Outlook) it would also search all of you emails to, and that can be quite a lot. One last thing is that you can't get very many applications for it.

Windows positives: Since Windows is really old (one of the oldest type systems!), almost all of the programs (and games) will run on it. Oh, and the unlike the Mac, the file browsing is AMAZING! There is no such thing as “hidden files” in Windows. The problem with that is, you could easily wreck your entire system by wiping out a few “harmless” files in the Program Files folder. 

Windows negatives: I am sorry to say for you Windows users, but the main bad thing about Windows is that it get REALLY slow! I think the reason for that is that it is very easy to get viruses on your computer. To install applications, you just download them, double click them, and poof! It's installed. If there was a virus on it, it got installed to. So my advice is, DON'T download any “free” games you might find in ads, especially if you see the ad a lot. So unless you know the application you are downloading, don't download it. I once helped one of my friends on installing a game, but he was really fast and if he saw a “download” button, he just clicked it. If there is anything you DON'T want to do, never click an ad that has a “download now” button. I know because there are sites that make you wait for your download, and while you are waiting, there are ads. If anyone saw an ad like that, most people would click, thinking it is the download that you need. Then, when you run it, BOOM! It destroys your system with a virus.

Linux positives: Linux is great for programming, because it supports the command line (Now called Terminal) a lot! It has many commands, and you can even download software from the Terminal with a  single command! It supports Ruby, Python, Java, and many more! Also, the file browsing is GREAT! You can view hidden files by do Ctrl-H. Also, unlike Windows and Mac, you cannot delete your system files, but you can still edit your program files, which is located in the Home folder. 

Linux negatives: There aren't many bad things about Linux, but the one problem I have ran into a lot is the application support. I have not seen a single game disc that works for Linux. A lot of popular downloadable games online will work for Linux, such as Minecraft or even small games like Minesweeper. But even that has a way around it, because there is an application for running Windows applications on Linux called “Wine”. It isn't so good though, and many applications don't work with it.

So I have just talked about the positives and negatives of the different systems, so I will say which is best for different purposes.

For programming: Linux is always (and always will be) the best for this.

For gaming: Mac is good for this. No one likes their computer to freeze up in the heat of the battle!

For work or office: Windows is never out of applications!