My Newest Program

I made a program that makes other program, and it does not require and knowledge of the Ruby programming language! Here is what it can do:

Put text: You just put in the text you want your program to put!

Run program: That's right! You can run the program from inside the program maker!

Exit: This just exits the program

Erase: This will erase the file content

Delete: This will delete the program you are making and exit

Input: This will make the program use "gets"!

var: This will create a variable in the program

Ifelse: This will make an "if" code!

cmd: This one is special. This will make commands run in the program you are making!

newfile: This will make the program make a new file!

putvar: This will put varaibles!

Open: This is the best command of all! This will open up the program file you are working on!!

That's all!