I have been using a site called Codecademy for learning HTML, and it is totally free. You don't even have to sign up! It teaches JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby and JQuery. Let's sort this out:

I wouldn't use JavaScript until you have completed the Web Fundamental (HTML) because it can get very confusing. JavaScript is pretty powerful, as it can make web popups and other things. HTML Is probably the first thing you want to start on. Python isn't to hard, but maybe a little confusing. You may need to know some math! Ruby I would NOT DO! It is very confusing and adds a lot of extra stuff then you really need. Example:

To put a variable in Codecademy:

puts "Variable: #{mystring}."

and normal:

puts "Variable: " + mystring + "."

Now I don't really know what JQuery is, but I think its some version of javascript. I tried it out and it is VERY CONFUSING!