Desktops and Laptops

There are two types of computers: Desktop and Laptop. You've most likely heard of of laptops, and maybe desktop computers, but you probably refer to to your computer as a computer, not something like "desktop computer", or "laptop". If you have not heard of a desktop computer here is the difference: A laptop computer is smaller and slimmer, and is very portable. Desktop computers are very big, and even if you did manage to carry one into Starbucks, it might take a while to boot it up, because as soon as you unplug the computer from the wall, it powers off. One of the only thing that they are alike is the software. Windows will run and Desktop and Laptop, and so will Mac (Though I prefer using Linux for my programming, Ubuntu to be exact). Another thing I like about Desktop computers is that it is easy to install hardware such as wireless cards. There are even desktop kits to build your computer. it would come with the case, the Motherboard and other things. Mostly Laptops are used for gaming and can be used in car trips.