Your Guide To Your First Kindle Paperwhite

Now if you have heard of the Kindle Paperwhite and how it has built-in lighting in it, where as the other Kindles you have to use an external light source, and it does give off a glare sometimes. So now you are probably going to get. When - Oops "If" :) - you order it, you can't wait for it to come in.

But then you have to start thinking what are you going to do with it? If you have bought it, then you probably already own (or owned, it happened to me a lot) a Kindle (You aren't required to though). Anyway, you can't just have it just to brag about it to your friends (Though that is a pretty good reason!). Now you're Kindle comes in and you set it up to the point after you log in with Amazon. First, you see the bottom panel, "Hey, I didn't buy those books!" Those are the Top Hit books and are basically ads (There is a way to get rid of them, but I forgot).

If you have some books you already bought, then they are in the Cloud. To get there, look in the left-hand corner where the Cloud/Device button is. Click it to toggle whether to see the books on your device or the books in your cloud. When you are in cloud mode, you just swipe to the left or right to flip pages. When you see a book you want, just click and it will start downloading.

 If you want to go back to your home screen, look in the upper-right corner where the picture of a house is. Tap it and it will take you to your home page. Now just click the book on your home page after it downloads to open it up. Now it will sync to the last page read on all of your Amazon devices. If you have finished the book and you want to re-read it, tap anywhere except the right-hand corner (Because that is the bookmark) to open the toolbar (as I call it) and click "Go To..." and then tap "beginning".

Now you are at the beginning of the page! To turn pages you just swipe with your hand. If you want to go back, open up the toolbar and click the home button. Then, if you want to buy books just click the shopping cart and it will take you to the Kindle Store. This requires Wi-Fi (If you have 3G then you don't need Wi-Fi). Now, tap the search field at the top to search for books. As you are typing, it will pop up with search results from other users. When you find a book you want, click it for more info about it. Some books have Amazon Prime enabled so you can borrow them for free (remember you won't be able to borrow another one till the end of the month), but you also need an Amazon Prime account for that. If you want to buy a book just tap the buy button, and the price will be in the button.

When you are done, just click the home button to go to your home page and read your book! If you wanted to configure your settings just click the three lines that are in the upper-right corner of the Kindle screen. Then a dropdown list will appear, and from there select "settings". Now you will open up your settings. Configure them how you like! When you are done, just tap the home button.

Also, if you have a spot in a certain book that you want to keep but your friend wants to use it on that same book, just tap in the very upper-right corner and it will create a book mark. To go to it, open up your toolbar and then click the three lines, as before. Now, select notes and marks, then from there select your bookmark. Now you know the basics of the Kindle Paperwhite, but there is one last thing you might want to know, and is the main reason you would chose this over a Kindle Touch.

To turn the brightness of your Kindle up and down, go to your home screen (or open up your toolbar) and select the light bulb. There you can adjust the light, and to go back select anywhere except the dropdown light settings. This is nice because then you don't have a glare and it is easier for you to read at night, but most of all, you don't have to hold up a light to it all the time.


There are many different types of smartphones, and I will start with the IOS phones. IOS phones are all made by Apple. If you own any, you will notice that they are all touchscreen. The reason they are called smartphones is that they are smart! They are no ordinary phones, because you can play apps on them, and the iPhone 4S even has a little help build in named Siri!

Kindle PaperWhite

My Kindle PaperWhite came in, and its SO cool! Here is a pic with the light full:


And this is with the light level set at the lowest:


You can't really tell the light difference because the pictures was taken in a brightly lit room and the image quality is not so good. It is really nice, especially at night, though. This is just like the Kindle touch, but this Kindle has a little thing in the corner of the screen which says how many minutes till you are done with the chapter or the book. Also, the Kindle touch is very sensitive, like once I was reading outside and a bug landed on the Kindle and turned the page. This Kindle isn't so sensitive. Also the letters have 65% more pixels than the other Kindles.

You can get it here:

Desktops and Laptops

There are two types of computers: Desktop and Laptop. You've most likely heard of of laptops, and maybe desktop computers, but you probably refer to to your computer as a computer, not something like "desktop computer", or "laptop". If you have not heard of a desktop computer here is the difference: A laptop computer is smaller and slimmer, and is very portable. Desktop computers are very big, and even if you did manage to carry one into Starbucks, it might take a while to boot it up, because as soon as you unplug the computer from the wall, it powers off. One of the only thing that they are alike is the software. Windows will run and Desktop and Laptop, and so will Mac (Though I prefer using Linux for my programming, Ubuntu to be exact). Another thing I like about Desktop computers is that it is easy to install hardware such as wireless cards. There are even desktop kits to build your computer. it would come with the case, the Motherboard and other things. Mostly Laptops are used for gaming and can be used in car trips.