Beam Interactive with Minecraft is a fairly new streaming service, similar to It allows people to stream their gameplay for viewers to watch realtime, and interact with via chat. Beam was released with less delay between the client and viewers, as well as a thing called Interactive mode.

Interactive mode allowed the streamer to setup a control panel of buttons and joysticks, as well as track viewers mouse movement on the streaming screen. Then, they could allow the viewers to interact with the streamer via the buttons. The most common use is in Minecraft. One button might teleport the player to a random position close to where they were, while another might give him a random item, useless or rare.

In order to limit the amount of times these buttons could be used, Beam also introduced their own kind of currency, or points. These points could be used on the buttons, while earned overtime by watching streams or streaming themselves.

Currently, though, Beam Interactive is in beta. This is because in order to use it, you need programming knowledge to connect to Beam's API and receive data about the buttons. Then, in order to interact with Minecraft, you need to use plugins or mods to then change the Minecraft world. Beam did release an interactive app for Minecraft, but only with set controls and commands.

I decided to make a Beam Interactive Minecraft mod. It would allow you to set Minecraft commands to each button. Now, one command doesn't seem like it can do a lot. However, with the /setblock command, you could easily trigger tons of command blocks, making the possibilities endless.

After getting lots of help from Beam's developer channel, I was able to make a simple mod. It got the IDs of all the buttons, meaning you just needed to set what they did in a text box. Then, you could load and save the control layout, with up to 3 save slots. That part was my favorite, and my first time implementing a save/load mechanic in any program.

The mod isn't available for download just yet, but it should be soon in the next few days. You can check out my Planet Minecraft member page to see when I release it.