Scarab's Missing Furniture Mod

So about a week ago, I decided to get back into modding with 1.8. This time, I followed the tutorials on YouTube by MrCrayfish, and it was pretty simple. He didn't get into too much detail, but I'd already had some experience with 1.6 and 1.7 modding already.

That night, I had the idea for a furniture mod. Not just any furniture mod, and not one that copied mods like MrCrayfish's and other people's famous mods. Instead, I would add the small things that they missed, as a sort of addon to the other mods. In 3 days, I got 2,000 downloads and 5,000 views, as well as lots of comments.

The mod started when I was building a Minecraft house. It was a lakeside house, and I was just building the back patio over the water, when I realized there wasn't anything to put on it furniture wise. It needed a deck chair, which wasn't in MrCrayfish's furniture mod. Solution? I created my own. Then, I added a monitor, and an espresso machine. Nice little decoration blocks for around the house. It started with about six blocks, which were just plain models with no function. I released it on the Minecraft Forum, but got no response and only a few downloads. Then, I put it up on Planet Minecraft. Checked back about an hour later, and I had more then a hundred downloads. I immediately realized that I had better update it with more function and features, while it was still popular.

I added coffee, function to the espresso machine, video on the monitor, a ceiling light, a 3D printer, and lots more. Every day since I've released it, I've managed to release an update.

Probably my two favorite parts about the mod is the 3D Printer function, and the recently added update notifier. The 3D Printer function is simple. Just right click the 3D Printer with printer filament, and you get a random player's head. It chooses the head from a list, randomly. This list is actually stored online in a Dropbox folder, and is downloaded every time the game is started. I also added an option for people to donate, and get their username to the list of players that it can choose from.

The update notifier is equally simple. In another text file on Dropbox, there are four lines of text. The latest version number, the latest update name, the latest changelog link, and the direct download for the latest update. When you open a world, it will check if the version in the online file is later then the mod's own version. If it is, it sends a chat message notifying the player of a new update. It includes links to the changelog and download, so usersdon't have to go find the mod page again.

You can view this mod by clicking here.