Mine Monthly Events Idea

I haven't been using my server subscription with CubedHost, and I had to cancel it. However, I recently had the idea of doing events similar to the StarWars event on May 4th. I had quite a lot of people signing up for it (nearly forty people), and it was lots of fun. I enjoyed doing it, and would do it more if I could get the money to pay for the server. And, due to the fairly large amount of players on the server and probably because there would be lots of explosions and mods, I would have to get a server with a large amount of memory to keep down the lag. For the Star Wars event I used 6GBs of RAM, and it cost $40 a month. There was no lag at all on the server, so I could probably have done with 4GBs.

I had an idea that would both let me hosts events, and take care of the cost for paying for the server. I could host two events every month (or, if I couldn't get enough people, just once a month) and only allow people to play every other time. If they wanted to play every time, they could buy a "ticket" for just $2 USD and use that. That way, probably at least half of the cost of the server would be payed for. If I could set up a subscription service, I could be hosting the server for free (of course, I would still have to set up the events, but I enjoy that).

There are also many events I could host, all of them would probably be about some famous (family friendly) movie, such as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I could repeat certain themes but at different places, and maybe even follow some of the battles in these movies.