Charter V.S AT&T

Our internet has been EXTREMELY slow for the past few months, and we have been using AT&T. We use our internet a lot, and there is a device for nearly everybody in my family (and I have a large family), so we go over our internet limit a lot. And every time that happens, we have to pay extra for it. We finally switched to Charter yesterday, and it has been MUCH faster. I haven't been able to watch a Youtube video for months because it takes forever to load, but now it takes almost no time at all! And the nice thing about Charter, is that you pay once a month. You can use the internet as much as you like during that month, too! It's a lot like a Buffet.... This also means I may do more videos, because it won't take as long to upload and won't slow down the internet much. I may even start another Minecraft series. Make suggestions! (I WON'T do Pixelmon. I don't really like it much :P)