My name is Nicholas Harris, and I was born in Colorado, 2001. I first got interested in computers in about 2010. Then my Uncle Mark gave me a list of sites where I could learn programming. I started off with Codecademy, and quickly learned HTML, CSS, Ruby, and Python. I had my own computer, and made a few small games with Ruby and Python. I practiced with HTML a lot, and even made a site once. Then, I received a Raspberry Pi in the mail from my Uncle Mark. I used it, and I was able to combine my love of a computer game called Minecraft with my love of programming, and soon I was able to interact with the game Minecraft: Pi Edition. I made many games, and learned most of the Minecraft Pi coding from a site called, which was owned by Martin O'Hanlon. I then started coding other Raspberry Pi things, and was able to control lights and buttons! I made a little passcode program, where you had to use buttons to put in the passcode. I used status LEDs to show if the password was correct or wrong. Later, it got posted by the Raspberry Pi blog, and I got many visitors from that. After that, I made a cool music play, which uses buttons to control MP3 files in the current folder. Later, I started making my first eBook, called "Minecraft Pi: Getting Started", which introduced people to Minecraft: Pi Edition. I plan to do more Minecraft Pi books!