More Modded Mayhem!

It's been really fun doing the modded Mayhem series recently, and we even recorded two videos (uploaded) since yesterday! We made a few more machines, with lots of ideas for more machinery. Three ideas, actually. The first, the smallest, is to go extremely green friendly. Instead of us just burning our trash in lava, we will use a recycler. It basically destroys items put into it, and has a 10% chance of yielding scrap. Then, that scrap can be burnt easily. But instead of just burning it as fuel, we can turn it into energy, effectively not wasting things we throw away. The second idea we thought of was making a lot of power sources around our factory, like windmill and watermills, and have them all go into a few battery boxes. Then, we could have power almost whenever we wanted. And our third idea was to get an infinite amount of oil. There are oil spurts that generate randomly around the world, called infinite oil sources. It goes up about 20 blocks, and if you go underground to it's source you will find a gigantic sphere filled with oil. This effectively makes it infinite. It will keep generating more and more. Then, using a pump at the top, you can pump all the oil liquid into an ender tank. It basically is an enderchest, which means that it shares the same contents as any other endertank you place down. It's not different inventories, it's all one inventory. Then, at base, we can pump it out of the ender tank and into a normal tank, where we can either pump it out into machines, or refine it into fuel, or use buckets and make it into buckets of oil.

IndustrialCraft 2 and Buildcraft (mods)

I've been playing a lot on the Modded Mayhem World, and even recorded a video this morning (will be up later). It's been really fun, especially because I now actually understand IndustrialCraft. I remember, in Tekkit (a modpack), it was really easy. For example, to create a basic machine casing (used for most machines), it just took iron blocks. Iron blocks were easy, because they were in normal vanilla Minecraft, and most people know all the Minecraft vanilla recipes. But now, you have to use a hammer (not in vanilla Minecraft), and turn it into iron plates. It doesn't sound hard, but it can get really complex. Most of the items required mostly normal Minecraft items, but it's totally different now. But I do enjoy the challenge, and in some cases it's actually cheaper. At first glance, it seemed very difficult. I crafted a thing called a battery box, which stores EU (power). Then, I made cables and made a windmill (for now, I'm going green). It gave me a little power but not much. But after a while, my battery box was full, and I STILL didn't have a use for it. I decided to go ahead and dive in to making a jetpack, a really hard item to make. Though, it turned out it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I had to make some batteries, circuits, wiring, and a battery box (to hold extra power), then I got the jetpack. I was able to place that inside the battery box (the one with full power), and charge it up. It was really great! I could fly around my world easily. That was my first crafting break into IndustrialCraft. I made more power sources (not so green-friendly), such as a generator that runs off of coal, and a second windmill. But I didn't just craft things. There was another mod, Buildcraft, that was pretty basic. It mostly added pipes and engines, and a few automatic machines. If you watched my first Modded Mayhem series, you could actually see us make Minecraft:

Dig a pit

Divert miscellaneous items into a chest

Put cobblestone into a furnace to turn into stone

Turn the stone into stone bricks

And finally, get transferred off to another machine that created a factory. And what was the first use of the factory? To build itself! After, we basically lived in the factory. About 50% of our lives were crafting things. 25% was making Buildcraft pipes and engines, 15% was building houses or making interior design, and the remaining 10% was mining. It's really fun, though, to set a goal of an item, and try to make it. The first thing we made inside our factory, was an automatic sorting system. A lot of people make this, because it makes looking through all of your chests for a certain item easier. The general idea was, you just toss all of your stuff in a pipe and it would get sorted to the right chests. Wood would go in the wood chest, weapons and armor would go in the combat chest, etc. But we added two new features, and a third coming up. The first feature was to auto-smelt the ores. When you flick a lever, all the ores in the ores chest will get shunted out, and put inside a gold furnace. Then, after it was done smelting, it would go inside the smelted ores chest. The second feature we added was one where everything from the quarry (including stone bricks, now that our factory was done building) would go into a large chest. Then, there would be a lever option to sort all the items from the quarry into the right chests. That way, we could get an overview of everything that is coming in from the quarry, then flick a lever and everything would get sorted. Gideon built a few options inside the quarry itself, where you could make it so you could get cobblestone, stone, or stone bricks. A video will be going up today, showing what we did and things we are doing.

Continuing an old modpack

I've been getting pretty bored on Minecraft recently, and remembered the first Modded Mayhem series me and my brother did. I decided to bring that back, and after about 45 minutes of looking for the world save and installing the mods, I got it back again. There were some changes to some of the mods, and I might not have got them all, so there were a few errors in the world. Most (but strangely, not all) the redstone engines disappeared, and the furnaces were gone. I also noticed that there were strange blocks in the quarry, including one that was missing it's texture. I probably won't be recording on it, though, because that is actually the reason I stopped the series in the first place. It was too much work, and I did not have the the time to edit the videos. I might post screenshots, though.

Update on my Blog and Podcast

I've been a bit inactive in the best week or two, and I really need to keep up with two things. I haven't done a podcast in weeks, and a blog post in longer. It's mostly because the week before the 4th of July, we went camping, and there was a big community event on the 5th. I've been doing a lot of things, and haven't been able to write a blog post, or even have anything to write a blog post about. But it looks like I won't be having anything planned for about a month, so I can start writing again. I probably could've done podcast, but my microphone broke a few days after my last podcast episode. It was a great microphone, so I ordered a replacement. It came in the day after (awesome replacement service Amazon!), but that one was defective when it came in. I spent a whole day looking for fixes, and when I couldn't find any, I emailed the company about it. They emailed me back a few days later, saying I could get a replacement. I had told them that is wasn't sure I wanted another replacement, and was mostly looking for a fix. I'm pretty sure the email I got from them was an automated message, but when I sent back another email I got a real person. They said I could send in for a replacement, but not to Amazon. Not only would they pay for shipping, but they would even test the replacement before they sent it out! That was pretty great service. But it took a few days for the shipping label to come in, but thankfully, I was able to get the package all ready when it did come in. I am waiting for the Fedex pickup to come over right now, so I can send that out. When the microphone company recieves it, they will send out the replacement. I'm hoping to be able to do another podcast episode in a few days, maybe a week at most. I'm pretty sure I can have an episode out by next week, but on the bright side, I will at least have tons of content to put in! 

I'm also thinking of ways to earn money from my programming knowledge, and I have to options. I a nan write another eBook, which I am really thinking of doing, or/and I can do private/public online programming tutoring. I'm not sure what the demand is for learning to program, so I'll see how that will turn out. My first eBook about Minecraft Pi hit about 10 sales in the same week I released it, which is really great considering nobody advertised it anywhere. It went up after that, and I was getting 30-60 sales a month. The only problem is, I only earn 0.35$ per sale, and the rest goes to Amazon. There was one other eBook on Minecraft Pi, but it cost 7.99$! I'm sure the author put it for that much because anything underneath means he gets over 50% of the money from each sale. I've currently got over 300 sales from my book, and more than a hundred dollars! I'm hoping people would by a second eBook that was full of awesome projects. But the biggest reason I haven't released another eBook is that I'm really empty of ideas right now. I would love to do private tutoring online, but with all the sites for learning to code out there, I'm sure I wouldn't get much from that. It's actually not that I really need or want the money, but I like to see that people are willing to pay money for what I make or do. I will probably release another eBook first, because I got so many great fans and reviews via Amazon and email. Tell me what you think I should make next!

More Blender Animating!

I made a few more Minecraft animated pictures, and I'm really pleased about how they turned out. I decided to make them of people I know, using their personality. I made one of my sister, petting a cat and giving it some salmon (she LOVES animals and outdoor stuff), and one of me at the computer with a Raspberry Pi (still Minecraft). I also made one of my friend 2Cubed (never released it yet), also at the computer with an Arduino. I'm thinking of making a picture with more action in it, so I was making me killing a wither skeleton with my iron axe (nicknamed Shem). I put out a post on Google Plus, asking if anyone wanted a 3D picture of them. I actually got a request from Martin O'Hanlob, the Minecraft Pi person. I decided to make it look sort of like when he did that speech on Minecraft and Minecraft Pi at the Raspberry Jamboree convention. Not sure how accurate my picture was, but you can see it for yourself at the end of this post.





Blender Animating: Profile Picture

My brother recently started a new Youtube account, and he is calling it BuildsByGideon. He will be basically making gigantic timelapse builds, with a voice-over talking about it as he is building it. I decided to make a 3D profile picture for him, featuring a build he made (and I helped with); the Empire State Building. I got a free Blender rig that supports facial features and fingers for a Minecraft Character. I then used a program called Mineways to import the empire state building into Blender. I resized it, and posed it with the MC Character model of Gideon's character. I then added an orange background (his favorite color), to make a profile picture. The finished version looks like this:

Minecraft server: EmpireCraft

I've been looking for Bukkit plugin work, and I finally found out what to do. I've always liked survival servers, but wished they had a little bit more features. Things like cars and helicopters. So, I decided to do just that. I started with the vehicles: Cars, Tanks, Parachutes, and Helicopters. It wasn't hard, and it was all working in about a day. Then, I thought of other things I would want a survival server to have. APARTMENTS. This would mean people could live all close together, AND I wouldn't have to worry about griefing. One of the big things I don't like about survival servers is that you have to travel really far away to find resources that haven't already been claimed or destroyed by other players. If I had a separate world for people to live in, I could reset the normal world but keep the apartments world. I started out my server with these two small things. Apartments, and vehicles. But even that was boring, and currently, there wasn't currency. I wanted to use a plugin like Vault for the economy, but I also wanted to code my own plugin to manually do things like give people money for destroying certain blocks. I probably could've done this with the Vault API, but it was WAY to confusing. So, hard as it was, I made my own currency plugin. It does basically what Vault does. You can have buy and sell signs, and I can add or remove money from a player's balance. But was even better then Vault, was the ability to get money on mining certain ores, and you can write checks. Then, me and my brother made the Empire State Building, and it was HUGE. Over three hundred apartments! I made a command for buying apartments, and made a bunch of signs that let people buy materials to decorate the inside of their apartments. But just getting money and resources to decorate the inside of your tiny apartment is boring. It would be better if there was a city outside, that people could interact with. In fact, I even made it so you can buy your own skyscraper! And the thing about my server was, you don't have to work too hard to get lots of money. After that, houses were introduced. You could buy your own house, which is roughly the same size as three apartments. It comes with a garage, too! I like these, because they are out in the country, and funner to decorate. I invited my friends, and they all say it's a pretty cool server. If you want to join, the IP is

Reset The Net

You may have seen how Snowden revealed some of NSA's secrets on how they are spying through popular sites and programs, and today is Reset The Net day. NSA is spying your communication devices and programs like Google hangouts and your Phone applications. Reset The Net has some applications you can get that are secure, and actually encrypt your chat messages to keep other people from getting to them (only you and the person you are sending the message to can read it). Apparently, NSA is spying through webcams and applications, including the popular game World Of Warfare. Popular sites like Minecraft.net have the splash Reset The Net text pop up on their site, to notify users on how they can protect themselves. Here is a video explaining what Reset The Net is:

New Page for my Podcast!

You may have seen my podcast, and my preview episode. I have released episodes one and two, and you can view them by going to kidswhocode.podomatic.com. I have started a new page on my website, where I release 'show notes'. This means that you can go there and read my podcast as well as listen to it. It may not be correct, because that is actually what I read when I make a podcast. Sometimes I say extra things not in those show notes.

'Air Waves', a. Minecraft Bukkit plugin

I've worked a lot on a Bukkit plugin that adds a few more things to the sky, and so year I have a working helicopter and parachute. It is not entirely done, but I will release a part version of it soon. The helicopter is basically just a minecart, but in whatever direction you look, it goes. If it is touching the ground, then you have to go up a bit to move around freely. This is to prevent people using the helicopter as an easy car plugin. I want to have it run on fuel, but I'm not sure exactly how I will do that. Right now, left clicking will shoot fireballs in front of it, and I'm thinking that maybe right clicking will shoot mini fireballs, the kind you get from a dispenser. The helicopter explodes if shot, and to craft it is a little expensive, to keep everyone from flying around randomly. It takes a block of iron, one stick, and three diamonds. I'm thinking of adding a sort of helicopter animation, with a squid spinning above the player. Another really fun thing is that if a creature rides it, the minecart will actually move in whatever direction they are looking. High speed zombie pursuits! Unfortunately, they don't always look up. The parachute is just a renamed block of wool, and is crafted by using three wool, two string, and a leather chest plate. If you are in the air and right click with it in your hand, it will slow your descent. I actually have a sort of parachute that goes above you, which is basically two wool blocks.

I also recently made a car that can go up and down blocks, and am working on a tank, too. I'm thinking of having this for  a custom server, where there are two worlds. The main world will be like a bunch of houses, and the second world will be where you can mine and get resources, and while doing so certain blocks will give you money. You can use the money to buy houses!

I hope to add more functions and other vehicles to the air, but you can download what I have here.

I Am Starting My Podcast Soon + Preview!

I am going to be making a podcast, and I bought music and tried out Audacity. My biggest problem is going to be the content. Like my Uncle Mark said in my last blog post, I also need to find out the kind of audience listening to my podcast. I would love suggestions, and maybe you could be in an episode! Here is the preview of what the podcast will probably be like:

(Updated once, intro music isn't as long)

How to get started with your own podcast

Starting a podcast is not too hard, but it can be hard depending on what you talk about. To edit and record audio, I recommend using Audacity. You can also use it for audio editing. If course, you will need intro music too. I bought mine on fiverr for an easy 10 bucks, and it the person I bought it from let me choose from a large selection. It is pretty easy to get the hang of audacity, and if you can't, you can always search Google. Probably the thing you want most for your podcast, though, is a really good microphone. I bought a 20 dollar one on Amazon, but later had to find out I needed a USB adapter, too (it cost $8.00). That was actually the one that I used for my YouTube account, but after the first two recordings with my podcast, the USB adapter broke. I ordered a really good podcasting microphone yesterday for $78, and I chose one day delivery. I expect it today, and might record and episode to be put up later. Of course, after you buy all of your equipment, you will need to upload your recordings. I made my preview podcast episode on SoundCloud, but now I use Podomatic. It is really simple!

Also, I would write down the podcast before recording, so you know exactly what to talk about. Eventually, when I am able to talk a lot better, I will probably just have the topics out for me to remember.

Possible Podcast

Editing and making Minecraft videos takes a lot of work, mostly because I'd rather edit programming videos then Minecraft ones. I have had a bunch of videos recorded, but I haven't been uploading because I simply can't find the time to fit in video editing with the rest of my schoolwork. Also, it makes me feel really guilty each time I see those files :P. Plus, I don't think my heart was in it. I actually enjoy programming videos more then I like Minecraft videos. But my biggest problem when I do programming videos is that I talk to fast. I always talk fast, and it's become a sort of habit. And I really want to be able to concentrate on speaking slower, but the problem is, I can't concentrate on Minecraft and my speech at the same time. I think a podcast would be perfect, and not only to help me get better at speaking, but also to make an actually interesting and understandable podcast, unlike a lot of other podcasts I've seen/listened to. If I do make a podcast, I will have one or two episodes a week. I will be talking mostly about interesting stuff in the programming world, but may touch on Minecraft updates. However, I have two problems. My first problem, is content. I want the podcast to be interesting, and to me, there is nothing more boring then Python updates. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. And my second problem, is that it is pretty difficult to talk to nobody in particular (besides the mic), so that might not be fun. I need someone else to be talking while I am thinking of the next thing to talk about. Which reminds me, I plan to plan out all of my podcast before I start recording an episode, so that way I won't keep trying to think about what to do next. So this means, I am accepting anyone who is good at tech (but not TOO advanced, to keep it interesting) and has a good microphone. Maybe if I can get a lot of people listening to my podcast, I can even have guest appearances. And the last think I want to say, is that I will also need a name for my podcast. Something easy to remember and simple, but not already taken. Tell me what you think, by either using the contact page on my site (on the about me page), or by leaving a comment on this post!

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

If you have heard of Raspberry Pi, and maybe you are thinking of getting one, then this post is for you.

You want a Raspberry Pi, but you don't know where the best place to buy one is. Maybe some places are cheaper then others, or maybe the quality will be bad. Well, I can tell you from experience the best place to buy a Raspberry Pi. But, you can't just buy a Raspberry Pi and say you own one (even though you do). You need a keyboard, mouse, monitor, monitor cord, SD card, and much more. Thankfully, there is a kit on Adafruit.com that comes with a Raspberry Pi, and a bunch of other cool things too (the sew-on badge is probably my favorite). It also includes a breadboard, lights, GPIO wires, and other cool stuff.

But once you get it, you might not know where to start. There are tons of things to do, but maybe you should know more about them. You could get started with Minecraft Pi, which is Minecraft for Raspberry Pi. You can follow some tutorials over at stuffaboutcode.com, and make some pretty cool stuff. Or, you could use GPIO pins to make a passcode lock, or a music player. Or, you could use Pygame for Python to make a pretty cool game. There are tons of possibilities!

But what happens if the buttons don't work, or maybe your Raspberry Pi won't start? Well, if you can't find anything on Google, then head to the official Raspberry Pi forums! They are very active, and you can post any of your problems there. You are sure to get an answer in a few hours.

Video (not up yet):

Making (simple) mods

Ever wanted to find a certain kind of mod, but it doesn't exist? Well, since I (finally) got the hang of MCreator, I can create simple mods. And what I mean by simple, is things like new armor, weapons/tools, items, and even dimensions. I can't do things like zooming, just the simple blocks, items, and armor, etc. For example, if you have a lot of emeralds, I could make a simple emerald mod that adds emerald armor/tools. Then, you wouldn't have to find a mod that has emerald armor, but also a bunch of other things too. I can also add new water and trees, and even mobs if you want. So, if you want a specific mod for your survival world, just ask me. I am trying to make a gigantic emerald mod (emerald armor, apples, dimension, water, plant, nugget, and more), but for some reason it had an error in the middle of developing, and I couldn't fix it. I basically lost it, and couldn't get it back. But though it is really fun and time consuming, I hate making the same thing twice (programs, that is). Also, I will be making another mod (from a game I made up with my younger siblings) that will include 'power crystals', which you can craft into certain kinds of powerful staffs. They will have powers like lightning, fire, and air. I'm not exactly sure how I will do it, though :P.

Right now, I am editing a video that shows how MCreator looks and works.

MCreator: A Minecraft Mod Maker

I found this cool program called MCreator, and I tried it out. It helps you make mods, which is pretty cool. When I coded it, I usually got something wrong. But after half an hour with this program, I made a mod with a new dimension, armor, items, and plants. It's really cool! You just click 'new mod', select what kind of thing you want to add to your mod (block, mob, etc. Even dimensions!), and if you selected 'block' (for example), then you first put in the texture you want, then you configure things like what it drops, does it emit particles, what sound it makes when you step on it, etc.  You can even make it so it does things when you destroy, place, or walk on it! It is really simple and easy. Unfortunately, it is a little buggy sometimes. When I tried making a new mob, and added AI commands (wander, attack certain creatures), it said there was an error when it was compiling it. I actually got almost the same error when coding it myself, which was too bad. Another time, I made some sort of mistake when making a dimension and it had an error when compiling (again). The nice thing is that it shows what the error is, and where it is in the code for the mod. Apparently, it was trying to set a variable like:

name = ;

name2 = ;

In a method. And right above it, was a method with the same name and the variables had content (is that what you would call it?). Another nice thing about MCreator is that you can edit the code if you want to make small changes yourself, and I was actually able to fix the error code :). But anyway, it is (overall) a really cool application. I will release a video later!

How I Got into Programming

I have tried many different programming language (and am fluent in about 6 or 7), and they each have different abilities and pros and cons. I've tried Ruby, Python, HTML, PHP, CSS, and Java, and some are easier then others. I tried Ruby first, and, in fact, I found out about it because my oldest brother used to do a bit of programming (not any more) and learned from a really cool book by Chris Pine called "Learn To Program". It is very simple and is for people who have never programmed before. Then, from there, I learned a bit of HTML (but not CSS, yet). Then, I was introduced by my Uncle Mark to Codecademy. I learned CSS and a lot more HTML, but only a little Python. Then, a got a package in the mail. It was from my Uncle Mark, and I was instantly excited. My Uncle doesn't send things to me very often (maybe twice a year), but when he does, it's something cool. The last time, I got an Android (he was getting a new one). This time, I got a Raspberry Pi! My Uncle Mark is a tech guy (he works for the Police, I think. He makes their site for them), and he said he didn't have the time to use the Raspberry Pi but he wanted to see what I could do with it. It was totally new, and had come straight from Amazon. Of course, I didn't really have anything with it, so I didn't have a mouse or keyboard or cord to connect to the monitor. I ordered a kit from Adafruit, and it was pretty cool. I also ordered a cord so that it could go with my other monitor. It came with a breadboard and lights and buttons, so I found a tutorial online and started work. I also found Minecraft Pi, and was able to code that. Before I knew it, my Minecraft Pi program was posted on Martin O'Hanlon's stuffaboutcode.com (I learned how to code Minecraft Pi on his site). Then, that motivated me to do other coding stuff, too. I made a music player with pause, skip, and play buttons, and a passcode button thingy with the breadboard. That one got posted by the official Raspberry Pi blog, which was pretty exciting! Then, I wanted to move onto harder stuff. The problem with Minecraft Pi is that there is only so much you can do, and it is pretty limited. Then, I moved onto Bukkit programming. It wasn't actually as hard as I thought, and in no time at all I had a small program that heals you, or sets your gamemode, or enhances teleporting (video). I got bigger and bigger, but I hit a roadblock. The problem was, I had no ideas about what to program. I wanted to do things no one else had done! I found the Plugin Requests sub-forum on bukkit.org, and I did a few requests there. Usually, though, I program other stuff while I wait for an idea. But sometimes, I get a big idea and program it. How did you get into programming?

BowPowers: A Bukkit Plugin

I was looking in the Plugin Requests sub-forum on the Bukkit forum, and I found a request that seemed like something I could do easily. It was for a plugin called Bow Powers, which basically made it so there were different kinds of bows. Things like exploding arrows, lightning arrows, arrows of slowness, web arrows, and poison arrows. It sounded cool, so I started. Basically, you left click with your bow to change what kind of arrow you want. It wasn't too hard to create, and I even made arrow trails for each one! With the exception of the exploding arrow, all the arrow trails are just the particles of certain blocks getting destroyed. The poison arrow I especially like, because I used the breaking crops particle which looked a lot like dripping green poison. Basically, here are the different arrow trails:

Lightning: Quartz Block Breaking (white)

Poison: Ungrown crops breaking (green)

Slowness: Soul sand Breaking

Web: Web breaking

Grappling: Gravel Breaking

Explosive: A bunch of mini explosions as a trail (no block/entity damage)

It really looks cool when they fire. The only real bug that I found is the grappling one. You basically 'hold onto' the arrow as it goes, but sometimes it hits you. I made it so you don't take damage, but it still destroys the arrow. This only happens sometimes. I will release the plugin for download when I am done with it (permissions, small bug fixes, etc)!

Tips for Learning To Program

If you are thinking of programming, but don't know really how, here are some really nice tips. But first, don't assume that the hardest part will be the programming itself. That actually is not the hardest. The hardest part is getting ideas to make your program, and even if you have a lot now, in a few days you will run out. Anyway, here are some general tips:

- The best way to learn programming languages is to actually use them in a program; I learned most of my Python when programming Minecraft Pi.

- If you don't know how to do something, the best way to learn how to do it is to look online. For example, if your forgot something like how to convert strings to integers, you can search Google for "how to convert string to integer python" (no parentheses). It doesn't really matter what order the words are in, but you should always include what programming language you are going to program in. You might get confused when you get an answer for converting strings in Java.

- Try making 'big programs'. It feels like an accomplishment to me when I make a program that takes about two hours to make, and I had quite a large folder full of my largest and best programs. It is a comfort to see how much you have done!

- Show off your program(s) to friends and family! When programming, you eventually forget the overall idea of what your imagination wants you to do. Your family may suggest something totally crazy (but possible, barely possible) that you did not think of because you were thinking more on the programming part of what you want to do.

- Try and create a simple game. It can be incredibly simple, like a random generator game that makes it so you have two armies and randomly one will win. Then, add on to it. Maybe make it so it is a one player game, and the enemy army is computer controlled. Make sure it is a text game, visual games are the hardest. Introduce coins, and you can buy things. Make it so you press enter for the loop to go around again. Then, the enemy will randomly get men to add to his army. Make random nation names for your or the enemy army. I made this game once, and it was (although full of bugs) quite fun!

- Play with your program when you are done with it. You will probably test out each thing you add on to your program, but when you think you are done you should do a whole playthrough and go through each feature. You may discover small bugs, maybe even as small as spelling errors!

- Last tip: Share your program online. If you have a website/blog, feature it there. You will be very proud if you know people are downloading and playing your games!

14w19a: Minecraft 1.8 Snapshot

Since I have been playing in with the 1.8 snapshots in survival, I have noticed a lot of things you might not notice in creative. Things like how much hunger carrots restore, and how skeletons run away from exploding creepers. Most people who check out the snapshot in creative miss a lot of small fun things. But one of the biggest features in 1.8 that everyone loves, is slime blocks. When they were first added, all they did was cancel fall damage and send you flying back up when you landed on it. But in snapshot 14w18a, when a piston pushes/pulls a slime block, any blocks touching the slime block would be pulled, too. You could have a long line of slime blocks, each hold each other and any other touching blocks together. With a bit of redstonery, you could also make a machine that pulls itself along! Basically, you just put a line of slime blocks that go around behind and grab onto the piston that pushes the slime blocks. Then, add a redstone block touching one of the slime blocks and touching (powering) the piston, and it just starts and keeps going forever! Also, if you (or any entity) is on a slime block, and the slime block is pushed upward you will get thrown into the the air about 7 or 8 blocks high. It does the same if you are touching a slime block to the side of it, too. Using perfectly timed redstone mechanisms, you can make an elevator the keeps pushing you up! I hope to make a shop in Da Block SMP that sells flying rides around :)