Snapshot 14w17a is FINALLY out!

Finally! We now have a new Minecraft snapshot. This one contains MAJOR changes, including world generation. Firstly, there is a new world type. There are now:



Large Biomes



The last one, custom, lets you customize how large the mountains get, how high the sea will be, disable/enable certain structures, and much much more. Another feature is that now you can have WORLD BORDERS. This means that now, there will be a way to limit how far players go in SMP without having to use ugly bedrock walls. You can enable it with the /worldborder command. It bascially makes a visible wall, that you can actually see through a bit. Here are is a gif and screenshot (by the developers):

Mineplex Minigame: Super Smash Mobs

Many of you who play Minigames on Minecraft a lot probably know about a big Minigame server called Mineplex. It has lots of pretty original games, like a game called sheep quest where you have to try and capture as many sheep as you can for you team. But one of my favorite games on the server is a game called Super Smash Mobs. It is basically a recreation of the Super Smash Bros, a Nintendo game. In the Mineplex version, you can choose to be almost any creature in Minecraft. Each mob has it's own abilities, like enderman teleporting or iron golems doing extra damage. The object of the game is to be the last man standing. Everybody starts with four lives. My favorite mob to be is the snowman. He has three powers. First, he can shoot spray fire of snowballs which do a lot of knock back and a little damage. Then, he can use a thing called ice path. On use, it makes a path of ice in whatever direction you are looking in. This is very useful if someone knocks you off the map and you are about to fall out of the world. You can make an ice path all the way up again. And the last power he gets is called Arctic Aura. It basically makes a lot of snow all around you, and doubles the damage you give when the person you are damaging is on the snow. I like the mob because it comes with a pretty good defense and offense. Probably my favorite power is the ice path, though.

First video done for EnderSquidMC!

I published the first video for our new channel, EnderSquidMC. We play a bit Mineplex. I already have recorded four videos, but still need to edit and upload them. Let me know what you think! Also, the extension piece for our headsets came in yesterday. We recorded two videos this morning, one was building the lab and explaining about our channel, and the other was a mod showcase for the Lucky Blocks mod. 

Enter a URL to resolve.

Order Of Operations For Programming

This morning, I was studying Order Of Operations, and I saw on the Wikipedia page that there was a section for programming languages, too. It included most of the Boolean operators, like && (and), and || (or), etc, including < (less then) and > (more then). This wouldn't really be noticed, unless you did something like:

if(5 <= 6 && 3 == 8 || 6 && 7 == 6)

Not sure if that would work, just came up with it in my head. But I think it is pretty cool how Booleans can work so much like integers in real life. You can actually do:

if(true && (true || false))

Which basically means:

If true and (true or false) is equal to true. A bit confusing, but the entire operation is equal to true.

Headsets Came In, But...

Yesterday, our headsets finally arrived. They are a little big, but the sound is GREAT. Unfortunately, it came with two little small round cords that plugs in to computers, not one. One cord was for the speakers in the headset, the other was for the microphone. The sound part works, but we can't get it to work with the microphone. We had to order an adapter (it was cheap, thankfully), but I don't know if it will arrive this week. You can view the headset here:

And the adapter here:

First Video Coming Out Today For EnderSquidMC!

Our headsets are coming in today (out for delivery :D), and we will be recording our first video soon after they come in. But we don't exactly know what you guys want our channel to be about. We want to shape a little after TheDiamondMinecart. We will be building a lab for mod showcases; in fact, our first video will be one of us talking about our channel, and the other person building the lab. We will reply to most comments (if the comment is something you are supposed to reply to), and we are trying to make our channel just like what I would want TheDiamondMinecart to be like. This means that for big mods that have lots of crafting recipes, we will only do the crafting recipes at the end of the video. That way, if you just watched the mod showcase for fun, you wouldn't have to wait through all the crafting recipes at the start of the video. When we come to the crafting recipes, you can always just stop watching the video there. If you are watching the video so you can get more info for you modded survival, you can watch the end. Also, our modded survival will be EXCITING. We will mostly include the dangerous mods like tornadoes, mutant creatures, orespawn, etc. We will try and get really good sounding audio (and voices). Also, we will be needing an intro, so that might be a bit hard. I don't think we will do any guest appearances, but we might do a few videos with other Youtubers. Hopefully I will be able to do it with TheDiamondGolem, who hit one thousand subscribers in a week (starting from like 50). I don't know how big our channel will grow, or if we will have it a long time. It mostly depends on how many subscribers/followers we get, and if our channel is doing well. You can subscribe to EnderSquidMC now!

What I am Planning

Those of you who have watched my Modded Mayhem series probably know that I did them with my brother, peng150 (Gideon). I wanted to continue the series, but since then I have installed lots of other different mods and removed some, and I am not even sure if the world still exists. But I still wanted to do Youtube videos, but not only modded survival. Now, I know that Minecraft survival, even modded survival, can be pretty boring. Then me and my brother thought of starting a new series, and call it dangercraft or something. But we would add all of the exciting mods like tornadoes, mutant creatures, and a virus mod that can spread on your world. I want it to be exciting. Then we thought of making a channel together, and calling it EnderSquid. We would do mod showcases and DangerCraft and mini games and things. And we would both record, and have it so that whichever screen is more interesting at the time, will be the one that is recorded. The other person's screen would be in the corner of the video until something fun or interesting happens. Let me know what you think! We both ordered headsets which will arrive tomorrow, and we will probably start recording tomorrow. You can subscribe to our channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/EnderSquidMC.

The Plague: A Minecraft Plugin

I got an idea for a plugin, that I call "THE PLAGUE". Basically, when you eat rotten flesh, there is a 45% chance you will get THE PLAGUE. You will get blindness, night vision (which makes the screen go black), wither effect, and nausea for 6 seconds. Then, every six seconds, there is a 15% chance it will happen again. And every six seconds, all of the creatures and players (not monsters though) will catch the plague a little bit, and will damage them. Even after you die, you will still have the plague. It is very dangerous. The only way to cure yourself is to drink some milk. I like this, because it would be awesome for hardcore servers. It makes eating rotten flesh dangerous. I mean, who would EAT rotten flesh? I'm not sure what other effects it might have, suggestions would be awesome!


Recently, I have noticed that there is a lot of adware on our computers. Mostly, its popup ads, or ads appearing on the side on most websites. Also, it goes to random websites and underlines words so when you hover over them, it displays an ad. I decided enough was enough, so I tried finding the adware. Most of the adware was actually legit ad things, but were installed when installing a different program. And because they were legit, I was able to remove them easily. But there were two programs that wouldn't budge as easy. One was a thing called Optimizer Pro, which is some sort of anti virus thing. Of course, if you find a program that claims to be an anti virus program, and you didn't install it, then it is probably either adware or virus. I did a bit of searching (I always do before un-installing a program that might be adware for virus), and found out that Optimizer Pro is not really a virus or adware, but it just pretends to remove viruses and things from your computer, but doesn't actually do anything. It just tries to get you to buy the full version, which also does nothing. And the second program I found was a thing called Mega Browse. I don't think it is a legit program, because it wouldn't let me un-install it. I had to look online for a fix, and found this thing for removing adware called Adwcleaner. I made sure it was not a virus by looking it up, and apparently it wasn't. I ran it, and it came up with a few adware/virus programs, including Mega Browse and Optimizer Pro. It deleted them for me, then restarted the computer. After that, it was much easier to browse in peace, without having a bunch of ads everywhere. A word of advice, the first thing to do if you see weird ads on your website, is to go to your control panel, then search for "remove". Look for "Remove programs" or something like that, click it, and just search for fishy program names. It shouldn't be that hard to uninstall after that.

Minecraft 1.7.6 Coming out TODAY

Mojang just announced that Minecraft 1.7.6 will be coming out today ^ (well, depends what time zone you are in). Can't wait for the update! It will include the new skin format, which means you can have an extra layer OVER your normal skin. You can also enable or disable outer skin layers, which is AWESOME. This means I can have my squid skin on, and a normal one on top. I just disable the top layer so that the lower squid layer shows!

Suggestions For A New Youtube Series

Most of you (well, at least some of you) know that I had a Youtube modded survival series called Modded Mayhem. It was great, but I stopped a few months ago. There were two reasons; one, it was a lot of pressure editing the videos and I usually didn't have time, and two (the biggest reason) was that our internet was HORRIBLE. If I tried uploading a two minute video, it would slow down our internet and would take all day. That is why I haven't uploaded videos recently. Also, my brother has been sick for a long time and I can't continue the series without him. However, in my last blog post, I said that we got a new internet provider (Charter). Since then, our internet has been much better. I decided I could start uploading videos again, and thought about starting the Modded Mayhem series again. But as I said, my brother has been sick. Also, I have been using different mods and it would be difficult to re-install them all again. And lastly, I decided that doing normal survival, even a bit of modded survival, is pretty boring. Then I thought of starting a really cool modded series. This one would be different from most of the other mod packs, because this would be exciting most of the time. I would install mods like mutant creatures, tornadoes, orespawn, and other things like that. I would also up the spawn rate of mutant creatures and tornadoes drastically, and instead of settling in one place, we would travel by air or boat. Then, we could have a companion using the Clonecraft mod, and just cheat in a companion for myself. And we could like work together, but not use him like a machine for AFK farming or anything. The only problem I have so far, is that I don't know what to name him :P. It's really difficult... I want this series to be full of scary and funny happenings, like no other! Tell me what you think of it, and some other mods I could include.

Charter V.S AT&T

Our internet has been EXTREMELY slow for the past few months, and we have been using AT&T. We use our internet a lot, and there is a device for nearly everybody in my family (and I have a large family), so we go over our internet limit a lot. And every time that happens, we have to pay extra for it. We finally switched to Charter yesterday, and it has been MUCH faster. I haven't been able to watch a Youtube video for months because it takes forever to load, but now it takes almost no time at all! And the nice thing about Charter, is that you pay once a month. You can use the internet as much as you like during that month, too! It's a lot like a Buffet.... This also means I may do more videos, because it won't take as long to upload and won't slow down the internet much. I may even start another Minecraft series. Make suggestions! (I WON'T do Pixelmon. I don't really like it much :P)

Lucky Block Mod/Plugin

I have seen a Minecraft mod called the Lucky Block mod, and it does some pretty awesome stuff. It only adds one thing to the game, and that is the lucky block. You can place that, and when you destroy it something random will happen. There are TONS of possibilities, like giant explosions, charged creepers, getting trapped in a cage, random loot, and much more. I decided to make this in Bukkit, and because all of the possibilities in the mod are all vanilla things, I can easily do it in Bukkit. I have already gotten a few things, too.

TNT Wars

I have been playing TNT wars in my server with my friend Mikah, and it is LOTS of fun. Basically, there are two islands, and if you fall of you fall into the void which kills you. In the center of the two islands, there is a giant brick wall. You have to build tnt cannons to blast the other player(s) to death, but mostly destroy their cannons or even make them backfire at the right moment! The wall is there for two reasons. The first reason is so you can't see what the other player is building, and the second reason is so that people have a chance to fire their cannons and get warmed up instead of getting destroyed immediately. Also, where the wall falls apart is probably where the enemy's cannon is. I didn't know much about cannons when I first played, and of course my friend blew mine up. I made the long kind, but I did use dispensers. Then he told me how to make a better kind. The one he showed me was a bit manual, and it wasn't a one click button thing. You click the button to prime the boosters, wait a second, then spam flick the lever for the tnt that will fire. You can fire about 10 tnt at once, and it goes pretty far! I can make them much faster then Mikah now, and I totally beat him the last few games. I can make one in less then a minute! Eventually, there isn't much of an island left. I even got a plugin that makes it so when blocks blow up, it doesn't just get destroyed. It shoots the blocks up in the air, and that can be dangerous for the cannons sometimes!

New planned Youtube series: Bible Builds!

I have basically finished Noah's Ark in Minecraft, and now I am starting on another build in the Bible. Then I thought of an idea for a Youtube series! Right now, I am building the Tower of Babel. It is EXTREMELY high, and I built it right up to the height limit. I had to make it sort of rounded at the edges, and it took me about 15 minutes to do one edge. I ended up using a lot of Worldedit magic. I copied the edge, rotated the copy 90 degrees, and pasted it at the next edge. I kept doing it until all the sides were the same. I am now building a staircase, and believe me, I can't really copy and paste that. It's gonna take a long time. I've already recorded the ark, and I will probably put it up on Youtube. Also, suggestions on what I should build next would be VERY helpful.

Great Presentation By My Friend Martin O'Hanlon

As many people know, Raspberry Pi Jamboree happened recently. Its an event that happens yearly in the UK. Every time it happens, I wished I was there :). Maybe next year. Anyway, my friend and mentor Martin was there, and he did a speech/presentation on Minecraft/Minecraft Pi. Near the end, I talked about me (thanks Martin!). He talked about what Minecraft is, what Minecraft Pi is, and some of the things you could do with Pi edition. He showcased a lot of his programs that he did, including some that I made! Here is the speech:

Minecraft Star Wars Plugin

I got an idea for a Bukkit plugin, and I think it would be pretty cool to make a star wars plugin. Basically, you could activate starwars mod using the command /starwars. If it is activated, you can hold shift and that will take off an fall damage. I will probably make it so you can jump high, too. I will also make a blaster that shoots mini fireballs, and a lightsaber. And, of course, you can use the force :). Can't wait till it is done!

New Video: Minecraft Jelly Mod Showcase: Mobs

I just did another video, and this one is on my jelly mod. I show the new mobs I added into the game! The jelly monster is pretty much done, and I am working on the quite buggy jelly man. Not quite sure if I will keep him in. Video:

Also, I got a new microphone! I am very happy with the results :)

Minecraft Forge Modding

I continued to mod my Minecraft mob, and I now have a totally custom skin and MODEL. I had to model it myself, too :). It was surprisingly easy, actually. I made a little jelly monster, which acts a lot like a slime but it much faster. They do quite a bit of damage, too. Here is a picture:

Finally Got My Minecraft Modded Creature in!

You may have heard before when I was trying to mod, and how when I tried adding a new mob it just showed up  as a white cube. Well, I finally fixed that, and now it works! It made a jelly pig. It uses the same model as a normal pig, just a different texture. I will probably make my own model soon, and it will probably look like a mooshroom, but with jelly jars. Here is what they look like:

Screenshot (8).png